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Photography has shaped the way that I look at the world. It's beautiful, it's artistic. The light, the shadows. The magic that nature provides us with is something that never gets old to me. I've always said that "Mother Nature was the greatest artist" and I truly don't think that anything else compares. I try to bring justice to the beauty. Capturing a photo is so much more to me than the click of a button. There is something about trying to capture the mood of the moment that I strive to achieve within my art. I believe that the mood of the photo is everything.


A lot of the desired mood I intend to reciprocate in my photography comes from the use of an off camera flash. I do use natural lighting from the environment but I believe if I can properly expose the background and make a subject perfectly lit is when you get those jaw dropping images.

I have been behind the lens of a camera for the past 15 years. It started with skateboarding around with my friends. Eventually I would pursue snowboarding full time as an athlete and every season I would film and be filmed. I always thought it was about the sport but eventually, I wouldn't even go snowboarding unless we were filming. Then climbing came along and still I would shoot. Then it all clicked. I loved capturing the moments that entailed with the sports that I was doing. It was the photography in which I craved. That's what led me here.

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