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The Dreamview Mini Mount is the perfect choice for those who want to capture personal FPV-style shots with their 360 camera. Nearly half the size of the original Dreamview mount, the Mini fits easily into a variety of backpacks. With the same high-quality mounting system, you can easily interchange parts with the original Dreamview. Get creative with your shots and take your camera to new heights with the Dreamview Mini

Dreamview Mini

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Dreamview Mini

Introducing the Dreamview Mini Mount, the newest design from Dreamview Official! This innovative mount is perfect for on-the-go adventurers, as it is a long awaited size change to fit into more backpacks. It's the perfect companion for capturing amazing memories and creating content from any angle. With its adjustable design and sturdy construction, the Mini Mount is perfect for any type of adventure. Take it with you and explore the world in a whole new way

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