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Welcome to my blog. It seems like it has been forever since I have mustered up the courage to sit in front of my computer and type something out like this. I recall being a 19y.o kid, fresh into a new world of chasing my dream to be a professional snowboader and moving to Park City, Utah. I did a bit of blogging back, but eventually the Gram lured me away from long format writing. But I guess everything comes around full circle. Here we are.

My name is Alex Gavic. I am now 31y.o adult kid, living full time out of my Sprinter van. Mainly basing myself out of Jackson, WY for the time. Since my last time writing a blog post I feel like a completely different human. I've made all the hardest choices of my life. I've had. all the highest highs, and lowest lows in the past 12 years. I can't really say that I would change them for anything. They've taken me to this exact moment in time, bringing it all full circle.

Pro snowboarding is still on the table. Things just look different than they used to for that realm. No longer are people battling it out for magazine covers and quad corks. That pesky ol' Gram has changed the opportunities available for the up and coming snowboarder.... or the persistent old hag that just won't give up. I guess you know what they say. Do it for long enough and it will catch on. Well, just as I had all hopes dwindling to the last twine, something hit last winter. I had a bunch of traction on quite a few videos online and my IG went viral. Literally, out of the blue. I never thought I'd have any success on that platform. I was "too late" to join as I was on team Android for the early years of IG when it was only on the iOS platform. But finally I struck gold and rode the wave as far as it would fizzle me out.

Now the scramble to figure out how to make it work. There aren't anymore excuses except the fact of not putting in the work. So I'll forge on.

After I broke my back February 27, 2013, I went through some major life changes. I went to trade school for massage therapy. This is the key factor is allowing me to live the life I have created for myself. I immediately double my old wages and would quickly 3x my annual wage by grabbing a massage therapy position at a 5 star hotel in upper Deer Valley, Park City, Utah. Here, I would work minimally, make great money and spend all my free time chasing what makes me happy. Whatever it was... money, photos, videos, snowboarding, climbing, women.... I never really half assed any of it. But everything always led me back to snowboarding. More specifically, splitboard mountaineering. It is here where I have found the inexplicable desire to never stop exploring. Exploring new landscapes, old landscapes in new conditions. Exploring my mind, body, soul. Getting fully immersed in the beauty in which I compare to church. It's a faith. A religion. A life.

That's an easy piece to forget. It's a life. I spend everything on "it". The mountains. Gear. Travel. Time off. Everything goes to it. All the energy. All the dreams. It's all in these hills. So the hills are where I go. Time and time again. I run to the hills. From something, towards another. They are my rock.

I have found, for many people, my rock is there "sanity". It is all starting to make a little more sense to me, but I hope to more deeply be able to express myself through these posts. For the few that may be interested. I hope to share my "secrets". Even though they aren't secrets. I can break down my process. How I survive my lifestyle. How I afford it. What gear I use. What it's like in the confines of a 144" sprinter van. It's a safe place. And I try to spread that same demeanor in what I do. It's dangerous, but if you learn slow, start slow, and cross all of your "t's" and dot all of your "i's", chasing a life in these hill is a beautiful, crazy addiction.

If you have any specifics questions that you want to know anything, what I do, or how to do something related. Shoot me a message or leave a comment!

Chase the Dream,


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